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Materials Emissions: Paints & Coatings (LBi-2.2)


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Jotun Abu Dhabi LLCJotun Abu Dhabi LLC Jotun is amongst the largest paint manufacturing companies in the world with factories over 41 countries and operations in more than 70 countries. Jotun established its presence in the Middle East in 1974. Ever since, Jotun has expanded dramatically... Abu Dhabi Brochures/Videos Specifications   Website
BASF FZEBASF FZE BASF is the world’s leading chemical company: The Chemical Company. Its portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics and performance products to agricultural products, fine chemicals and oil and gas. As a reliable partner BASF creates chemistry to... Dubai Brochures/Videos Specifications   Website
AkzoNobelAkzoNobel AkzoNobel is the largest global paint and coatings company and a major producer of speciality chemicals. We supply industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products and are passionate about developing sustainable answers for our customers.... Dubai Brochures/Videos     Website
Caparol LLCCaparol LLC The Caparol Group develops, produces and markets high quality thermal insulation systems , interior and exterior emulsion paints, textures, enamels, decorative glazes and finishes, structural coatings and materials for facades as well as hobby and... Dubai Brochures/Videos     Website
Mapei - Innovative Building Solutions LLCMapei - Innovative Building Solutions LLC Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei is today the world leader in the production of adhesives and complementary products for the installation of all types of floor and wall coverings. The company is also specialized in other chemical products for building:... Dubai Brochures/Videos     Website

RFI Preview Product Description Company Brochures/Videos Specifications CAD details
Fenomastic Emulsion Gold Fenomastic Emulsion Gold is a superior quality, special 100% pure acrylic based emulsion paint with low VOC, which ensures good indoor air quality. Fenomastic Emulsion Gold has an advanced HCT formula that can withstand hairline cracks up to 1mm. It h...
Jotun Abu Dhabi LLCJotun Abu Dhabi LLC
Brochures/Videos Specifications  
Jotafloor PU Universal Jotafloor PU Universal is a high performance, self smoothing, solvent free, two component, seamless polyurethane floor coating capable of being applied at varying thicknesses to suit the final use of the floor. Jotafloor PU Universal offers a slip res...
Jotun Abu Dhabi LLCJotun Abu Dhabi LLC
Brochures/Videos Specifications  
CapaCare CapaCare primer, filler and finishing coats are virtually zero VOC and do not emit harmful emissions after application and constitutes a paint system that assures the best performance on interior surfaces and which manifests in high scrub resistance,...
Caparol LLCCaparol LLC
Mapelastic Smart Two component, high-flexibility cement based, polymer modified mortar, mixed and applied by brush roller or spray for waterproofing and protecting concrete surfaces against the ingress of water and resistant to penetration of aggressive substances suc...
Mapei - Innovative Building Solutions LLCMapei - Innovative Building Solutions LLC
PCI Lastogum PCI Lastogum is a waterproof, flexible protective coating for use below ceramic coverings in showers and bathrooms.
PCI Primer Gisogrund PCI Primer Gisogrund is a wash primer / protective primer for walls and floor.
Thoroseal FX100 THOROSEAL® FX 100 is an elastomeric, cement based waterproof coating for concrete and masonry. It consists of a blend of Portland cements, selected silica and modifying agents. When mixed to a slurry consistency with the acrylic polymer emulsion THORO...
Interpon D1036 Interpon D1036 is a series of Standard-Durable powder coatings designed to meet the requirements of 1 year Florida specification such as Qualicoat Class 1 and AAMA2603. Interpon D1036 are based on architectural polyester technology, which have been ou...
Interpon D2525 Interpon D2525 is a series of Super-Durable powder coatings designed to meet the requirements of 3 or 5 years Florida specification such as Qualicoat Class 2 and AAMA2604. Interpon D2525 are based on high performance polyester technology, which have b...
Interpon D3000 Fluoromax Interpon D3000 Fluoromax is a series of hyper-durable powder coatings designed to meet the requirements of 10 years Florida specification such as AAMA2605 and Qualicoat Class 3. AkzoNobel’s Fluoromax technology, which uses innovative fluorocarbo...

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