The Future Build

Partner Testimonials



Managing Director / LEED AP, Estidama PQP

Green Building Solutions International
“Our listing with the Future Build Portal has proven to be a definite benefit for raising awareness of both my company, Green Building Solutions International (GBSI), as well as how building envelope issues impact sustainability and the reduction of energy waste. The organization of the Portal makes it simple for potential customers to find my services and see the ways GBSI can help meeting the ‘green’ code requirements and improve their bottom line. In addition, as an Estidama PQP and LEED AP I already see the time and money saving benefits of the new XD Sustainability Manager tracking tool.”

Craig - Louis Berger


Environment & Sustainability Manager

Louis Berger Group, INC
“Louis Berger has used the Masdar Sustainability Product Directory [Future Build’s predecessor] in promoting the use of sustainable, local and environmentally friendly materials and products to both designers and contractors in order to meet sustainability objectives. I would fully support the continued development of the directory and its implementation throughout the construction industry both within the UAE and across the wider GCC.”

Liz - Fosters



Foster + Partners
“Foster + Partners have found the Masdar Sustainability Product Directory an extremely useful resource. Moving it to an online system would be a positive step forward, making it a more user friendly and accessible resource.”

Carlos Amaya - UPC


Sustainability Manager

Parsons Brinckerhoff
“The Sustainable Products & Materials Directory is a much needed tool for the construction industry not only in the UAE but also around the world. By providing information on the sustainability features of various materials and products, designers and contractors can easily see the merits and advantages of choosing a product that can meet both technical and environmentally friendly standards. I highly recommend the efforts of Masdar in evaluating these products and making them available to the construction community.”

Sverre - Jotun Abu Dhabi


General Manager

Jotun Abu Dhabi L.L.C
“We see ‘The Future Build’ as a useful tool that will not only help professionals source the green products available in the region, but also help to educate architects, consultants and contractors to select the most suitable products for their project. This portal will help us to promote sustainable products, which when implemented properly in a project, are what makes it possible to achieve Estidama credit points. I sincerely appreciate the efforts Masdar has made in evaluating our products and making them available to the construction community through ‘The Future Build’ portal.”

Modar = Gulf Extrusions


General Manager

Gulf Extrusions
“The Future Build portal is a dream come true for us, just as is the Masdar initiative. Having a platform from which we can market our green products to a global audience provides an opportunity to increase sales and carry out further research and development in this growing market. Future Build benefits everyone designing and constructing green buildings that are safe to live in, affordable to operate, and less damaging to local, regional, and global environments. Masdar’s leadership in sustainable supply chain is transforming the supply market. Green products are not only the right thing to use, they are good for health, save money, and good for the environment. We are delighted to be a founding member of The Future Build and to have supplied green extrusions to Masdar City.”

Laith Haboub


Business Development Director

Mapei UAE
“The Mapei group is completely committed to the development and use of green and sustainable products for the construction and building industries worldwide. “The Future Build” portal is an important step towards the adoption of such products in this region and we believe will act as a useful reference point for contractors, engineers, architects and specifiers generally, to make the most appropriate material selection. Mapei recognizes the efforts of Masdar in this regard, and we are delighted that our products have been evaluated and selected as part of this initiative.”

Graeme Stoker


Marketing Manager EMEA

The Siemon Company
“The Siemon Company has always taken environmental matters seriously and our focus on resource sustainability and product innovation spans over 100 years. Our partnership with MASDAR is based on a common vision to ensure the best network cabling solutions are used in today’s and tomorrows buildings with respect to environmental impact, resource sustainability, life cycle carbon footprint and product performance. This new ‘Future Build’ platform, brought to us by MASDAR, is a fantastic tool to help Siemon further demonstrate our commitment to this vision and our commercial Green value proposition.”

Van Tran - UAEBCSD


UAE Business Council for Sustainable Development
“The Future Build” portal is a natural step to reach a comprehensive sustainable platform where demand can meet supply in a fully trustful and certified environment established by Masdar’s experience and knowledge. UAE Business Council for Sustainable Development is fully supporting this initiative.”

Nathan Kirk - FermaCell


Regional Manager

GCC Fermacell Dubai
“From FERMACELL’S inception 40 years ago the trend towards environmentally sound construction was recognised and implemented successfully. The relationship with MASDAR is aligned through the commitment to sustainability, focusing on a ‘whole lifecycle’ approach to environmental management and construction. Having been screened and rated as part of The Future Build portal, FERMACELL recognises the value to designers, engineers and partners for a single point of reference toward the selection of building materials and manufacturer’s sustainable use of natural resources.”

David Cooney - Al Falah Readymix


F.I.C.T Development Manager

Al Falah Holding
“Masdar City has spurred the development, introduction and use of greener products in construction, successfully challenging but at the same time encouraging manufacturers such as Al Falah to develop and manufacture environmentally friendly affordable and competitive products as sustainable alternatives to business -as-usual. We at Al Falah are proud of our Alfacrete structural and ancillary range of readymixed concrete products, developed in response to Masdar’s requirements, and now enjoying a high level of technical and commercial interest outside Masdar City as engineers and developers learn from Masdar’s leadership and innovation. Masdar’s “Future Build” Portal is a further step in promoting and establishing the use of greener products in construction so that sustainable alternatives attain business-as-usual status, meeting today the environmental challenges we face together.”

Peter Robinson - Saint Gobain


Marketing Manager

Saint-Gobain Gyproc
“The Saint-Gobain group is committed to delivering sustainable products to the construction sector. This is demonstrated by their commitment to innovation registering over 400 patents and investing over €300 million in research and development on an annual basis. Saint-Gobain Gyproc in the Middle East embody this group ethos with recycling and plant optimisation initiatives which are key to our future as a world class manufacturer. Saint-Gobain Gyproc are proud to be involved in MASDAR’s programme of sustainable development which is continuing to elevate the need for environmental responsibility in the region. The Future Build Portal is a positive initiative by MASDAR to promote the adoption of sustainable products and service. We look forward to working on further MASDAR projects following the success of the Masdar Institute.”