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Abu Dhabi International Building Code 2013

Abu Dhabi

Since 2009, Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) has been pursuing this strategic initiative to review the current state of regulations (code) governing the construction of buildings which clearly made evident the  need for more comprehensive and updated construction codes. The Abu Dhabi Code Program (the Program) takes a holistic approach to improve the building and construction industry by adopting state of the art  building codes, professionalizing the occupations and practices in this sector, engaging the stakeholders and coordinating with other government agencies having direct impact on this industry.    

These Abu Dhabi Building Codes, are developed to meet the needs of the community through a set of regulations that safeguard the public health and safety in all communities, large and small.

These Codes establish minimum requirements for prescriptive and performance-related provisions as they apply to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Based on the International Family of Codes (I-Codes) published by the  International Code Council (ICC), these Codes are founded on broad-based principles that make possible the use of new materials, building designs and methods of construction. These Codes have been reviewed and  customized for local conditions through the efforts of many stakeholders.