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Masdar PV used micromorph technology and full-sized thin film modules for 11.7 MWp project

A 11.7 MWp PV power plant, completed late last year by Masdar PV in Thuringia, Germany, used dual-junction micromorph silicon technology and amorphous technology with over half being full sized modules.

Based on Applied Materials' SunFab 5.7m2 (Gen 8.5) thin film module technology, over 50% of the 50,000-plus modules used in the project were said to have been micromorph, while the remaining modules were its amorphous technology. In total, 17,320 micromorph full-size modules were used.

"This project is the largest PV installation of solar modules in Thuringia and the first application of our new micromorph silicon technology using full size module at high efficiency,” commented Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, CEO of Masdar. “It supports the UAE leadership's vision of making Masdar a preeminent source for knowledge and development of renewable energy. The effective project management and coordination with the State of Thuringia and system integrator were the major reasons for the fast construction of the park."

The solar power plant was designed and constructed by UAE based system integrator Enviromena Power Systems, who had previously collaborated with Masdar on projects, including a 10MW solar power farm installed in 2009 at Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Enviromena CEO Sami Khoreibi said: “Of particular interest to us were the logistics associated with the first installation of Masdar PV's full size modules. More than half of the 11.7MW plant is at 5.7 m2 size each, substantially larger than any other solar module. We found the full size modules quite efficient to handle and in fact were able to install the entire field in less than six weeks."