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Tradition meets modernity with Accoya® at the Englebert Strauss Workwear Store in Hockenheim

The new Englebert Strauss workwear store in Hockenheim, Germany, has undergone a major refurbishment using Accoya® wood as a key element in the design. Englebert Strauss, the leading European mail-order company for workwear and protective equipment, wanted to use a material that was ultra durable and therefore reflected and complemented their brand image. Accoya® wood, used as screening for the building, illustrates to perfection the hard-wearing and practical elements of this workwear brand.

Roggemann, the German and Polish distributor of Accoya®, supplied 500m2 of this high technology wood for the project. The wood was additionally coated with a transparent stain to highlight its natural beauty and this, combined with the understated structure of the building, provides the perfect mixture of modernity and practicality.

The Englebert Strauss workwear store also required a design that would be strong enough to withstand exposure to the elements on a long-term basis. Once again, the outstanding properties of Accoya® wood made it the ideal material for this outdoor use. Accoya® is an extremely durable wood and is particularly suited to exterior applications where performance and appearance are valued.

Unlike most tropical and European hardwoods, its colour does not degrade when exposed to ultraviolet light; independent studies have also proven that the shrink and swell cycle with Accoya® wood is reduced by 70-80% subjecting film-forming coatings to less severe stretch and shrink; and of course Accoya® wood carries a 50-year above-ground and 25-year below-ground warranty against rot and decay.

Accoya® wood was used in two parts of the store; the main building and also the Englebert Strauss high tower which welcomes customers at the entrance and is easily recognizable from a distance. The use of Accoya® on the two separate structures creates symmetry in the design and contributes to the modernity of the architecture.

Product Manager, Jorg Neben, said “Accoya® wood is the perfect material for this construction. Its dimensional stability, durability and UV resistance will allow the building to last for a long time and keep its good visual appearance and therefore properly represent the name of Englebert Strauss.