The Future Build


Desso is leading 'cradle-to-cradle' company in the Netherlands. Desso's continuous dyed carpet tiles recently achieved a basic cradle-to-cradle certificate from MBDC (Mc Donough and Braungarts Design Chemistry).

Desso focuses primarily on superior floor design and Cradle to Cradle® in providing high quality carpet tiles and broadloom.

By 2020 Desso expects having a complete Cradle to Cradle product line. In addition to this long-term goals, Desso has launched a pioneering project to take back used carpet from its business customers (open-loop recycling). Carpets are collected by a certified logistic partner and recycled in the cement industry.

Thermal recycling brings credits for primary energy consumption and ozone depletion. Re-use in the cement industry as promoted by Desso has even larger benefits; more savings of fossil fuels, savings of raw materials (calcium carbonate) and a better air quality (less polluted fluegas).

Our commitment to waste reduction is absolute:

  • All semi-finished carpet waste is recycled and used as high energy in other industries.
  • All finished carpet waste is pelletised and used for fuel in other industries.
  • All textile dust is extracted, collected and used as fuel in other industries.
  • All polypropylene waste is recycled back into other industrial processes.