The Future Build

SODAMCO Emirates Factory for Building Material L.L.C.

Founded in Lebanon in 1985, Sodamco manufactures and markets quality construction chemicals products that meet the building standards and specific climate requirements in the Middle East and the Gulf. After Twenty five (25) years of continuous growth Sodamco is recognized as the “Construction Chemicals Expert(s)” in the region.

In the year 2009, Saint-Gobain Weber S.A., worldwide leader in Industrial Mortars, entered into a joint-venture (JV) agreement with Sodamco group which has enabled Sodamco-Weber to set-up in the Middle East region which represents a high dynamic growth.

Today, the company is fully integrated in Saint-Gobain group which enables Saint-Gobain Construction Products Sector to develop the various innovative products and solutions offered to all real estate sustainable development projects namely residential or infrastructure projects in the future.

Sodamco-Weber workforce exceeds five hundred ninety two (592) employees including two hundred and thirty (230) specialized professionals committed to provide insightful and valuable assistance to more than eight thousand (8,000) customers.

Sodamco-Weber is renowned for the quality of its technically advanced products as well as the excellence of its assistance on sites and the reliability of its after-sale service.

Sodamco-Weber’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have production capacities exceeding four hundred twenty thousand (420,000) tons of mortars and one hundred twenty million (120,000,000) liters of admixtures spread over eight different manufacturing, blending and distribution locations in in the Neat East and the Gulf region.

Sodamco-Weber’s products are developed through extensive research and development and are subject to strict quality control procedures. The finished products are in conformity with European (EN), British (BS) and American (ASTM) standards.

Sodamco-Weber provides innovative solutions to many leading contracting companies in the region. Its product range fits a wide variety of projects, from low-cost housings to the most prestigious and technically-demanding towers and complex structures. Sodamco-Weber regularly introduces new products to satisfy the customer needs, and supplements that with professional training sessions on the correct application of those products.

Regular seminars and hands-on trainings are offered to applicators, contractors, and consultants.

The company enjoys an excellent reputation among the local and international consulting offices established in the markets it is serving. Sodamco-Weber’s products are regularly specified and approved in a wide variety of projects across the region. Consulting and design firms participate on a regular basis in presentations on the latest building materials and construction technologies.

Sodamco-Weber is now considered a leading supplier of construction materials in the Middle East Region. Its dynamic team of professionals and loyal customers constitute the essential forces behind its remarkable track record and the strong pillars for its upcoming expansions.