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LINETIK free-standing LED luminaire focuses on the essentials. 

LINETIK free-standing LED luminaire
Despite of its minimalistic design, the novel reflector allows uncompromised glare and completely uniform light distribution.

Designers and engineers set about challenging every aspect of office lighting during the development of the new LINETIK free-standing LED luminaire. The result is a pioneering product that uses minimal resources to provide maximum visual comfort for every workplace. Design elements carefully crafted to focus on the core essentials deliver an elegant appearance, free from superfluous details. 

LINETIK stands out from the office lighting crowd with a delicate design language. Despite its distinctive look, this free-standing luminaire can be integrated effortlessly into any office environment. Even more amazing is the fact that the slim body, at 24 x 24 mm cross section, and compact base conceal a revolutionary lighting concept: light exactly where the user needs it. "The requirements for LINETIK were clear. Ensure the best lighting technology in the smallest space, delivering light that can be individually controlled by the user," says Sebastian Schubnell, Zumtobel Project Manager for Future Lighting Solutions, about the idea behind this innovative LED luminaire.

Zumtoberl - LINETIK free-standing LED luminaire

Zumtobel found the right partners for this ambitious project in three designers - Simon Fisher and Matt Free from F Mark Ltd and Luke Smith-Wightman. "We have questioned absolutely everything – from existing lighting solutions to the way offices are designed. The unique shape of LINETIK grew out of a desire to really only use what is needed," explains Matt Free, Director at Mark F Ltd.

LINETIK LED luminaire

A radical approach that focuses on the real essentials - the best light for every task in every workplace for every employee. No stone was left unturned in the development of a new optical system to achieve this target. Despite the compact physical dimensions, the optical system had to use minimal energy to deliver a precise lighting distribution – light that is directed exactly where the individual requires it, without the inconvenience of glare and anything less than complete uniformity.

Zumtobel free-standing LED luminaire

One significant outcome of this tireless pursuit of lighting technology innovation is the newly developed reflector, which significantly contributes to the drastic reduction in the material footprint of the product. In order to create a reflector with such compact dimensions, without compromising key elements such as glare control and lighting distribution, the development team opted to use reflector modules. A series of fully-automated high-precision tools inject a special composite material that is then vapour-coated with highly reflective aluminium.

The reflector for the direct light output delivers exceptionally uniform illumination over the workplace, especially when compared to other free-standing solutions. In the longitudinal direction, light is directed asymmetrically onto the work surface, whilst in the transverse direction, a type of double asymmetry is achieved to ensure a balanced distribution for workplaces with two people. LINETIK relies on an extrusion lens for the indirect output, spreading light over a wide ceiling area and thereby creating a pleasant atmosphere, even in offices with lower ceilings.

The slim silhouette of LINETIK belies a robust product that is easily assembled and positioned anywhere in the room. Direct and indirect lighting elements can be individually controlled, ensuring optimum visual comfort for every task. In addition an integral motion sensor ensures the luminaire is off when workers are absent.

LINETIK - facts and figures

Dimensions: H: 2224 mm; L: 1240 mm; Cross-section: 24 mm x 24 mm

Mounting: Free-standing luminaire

Housing: Aluminium profile

Connected load: 56 W

Luminaire efficiency: 107 lm/W

Luminaire luminous flux: 6000 lm

Colour temperature: 3000 K / 4000 K

Colour rendering: Ra > 80

Controls: Ambient light dependent control and presence detection

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