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MEEZA unveils Middle East’s initial LEED Platinum and Tier III approved information centre

MEEZA, a heading IT services and solutions provider in Qatar, currently announced a willingness of a latest and biggest information centre to date, M-VAULT 2. M-VAULT 2, with a sum building area of 10,000 block metres, is now entirely operational charity partial of MEEZA’s portfolio of services.

Built in suitability with a top tellurian standards, MEEZA’s M-VAULT 2 is a initial information centre of a kind in a MENA region. The new information centre was built complying with a many harsh general standards and offers a turn of coherence and trustworthiness that is rare in a region, enabling businesses to advantage from larger potency and reduced risk. As an example, a entirely integrated cold aisle pattern of M-VAULT 2 delivers a high firmness discriminate sourroundings prepared for customer use.

The trickery is approved by a Uptime Institute as a Tier III information centre charity a guaranteed uptime of 99.98%.

“With a blurb accessibility of M-VAULT 2, MEEZA takes a large jump brazen in a capability to broach end-to-end business smoothness and disaster liberation solutions. This is now accessible to organisations in Qatar and opposite a MENA Region to support their mission-critical applications and specific infrastructure final in a state-of-the-art environment,” pronounced Ghada Philip El Rassi, CEO of MEEZA.

“MEEZA’s information centre facilities round-the-clock monitoring by MEEZA’s Information Security group that is finished from a SOC (Security Operations Centre) to yield best insurance opposite a meddling eyes of hackers and cyber-criminal elements,” El Rassi added.

This leading, physically different information centre is an glorious choice as a primary site and serves as an well-developed disaster liberation plcae also.

MEEZA’s M-VAULT 2 is a “Green” Data Centre. It is a initial and usually LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum approved information centre in a Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It is one of usually 4 information centres in a universe outward of a United States carrying achieved this certification. As a LEED Platinum approved information centre, M-VAULT 2 offers a top levels of sustainability and appetite efficiency. At high densities, M-VAULT 2 is 40% some-more appetite and cost-efficient than non-LEED Platinum approved information centres. Seventy percent (70%) of a materials used in a construction of M-VAULT 2 are recycled material, so demonstrating MEEZA’s environmental commitment.

Located during a purpose-built rarely cumulative trickery in Umm Garn, 30 km from Doha, within easy strech from a motorway network, M-VAULT 2 offers a entirely versed area for remote operative and business continuity. This workplace liberation area is in place to assistance business that are encountering serious and extended outages to immigrate their pivotal crew to MEEZA’s M-VAULT 2 and be operational in a slightest probable time.

To safeguard a top levels of availability, all vicious systems in a information centre are parallel maintainable with mixed levels of redundancy. This relates to ability and paths for both energy and cooling components.

As a carrier-neutral information centre operator, MEEZA facilitates palliate in providing connectivity by charity a finish operation of conduit options accessible in Qatar. M-VAULT 2 is serviced by all network carriers with different routes and mixed active points of presence.

Clients of M-VAULT 2 have entrance to MEEZA’s whole portfolio of services, such as Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as they do in M-VAULT 1 and M-VAULT 3.

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