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Green Supply Chain Training

Sustainable supply chains are an increasing priority for companies, governments and other organisations around the world. And it’s no wonder.

Not only are customers and consumers increasingly concerned with the environmental footprint of the goods and services they purchase, but research shows that organisations can enhance their performance by improving the sustainability of their supply chains.

For organisations making a commitment to sustainability, the supply chain should be a priority area. For example, Walmart found that 88% of its carbon footprint is in the control of its suppliers.

Leading companies understand that much like quality assurance, sustainable supply chain management is key to the integrity of their brand.

  • To provide people tasked with addressing the impact of their supply chain on society with the knowledge and confidence to make a start.
  • To enable people to identify the sustainability impacts of their business and how it applies to their supply chains.
  • To understand the tools and techniques of sustainable supply chain management, in particular, using risk management techniques in this area.
  • To understand how to integrate sustainability risks and opportunities into the procurement process.
  • To benefit from the experience of leading practitioners in this field.