The Future Build

Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain

The Challenge

The world is unquestionably a global marketplace, and any company that intends to stay competitive in an ever-more competitive world must combine price, schedule, quality and sustainability in order to survive.

Seldom a day go by without hearing about product recalls, use of child labor and unauthorized environmental releases that can present significant risk to your company.

The more transparent your supply chain is, the more likely you are to spot these potential risks before they impact your business.

Our Solution

The Future Build solutions are tailored to the challenges you as a manufacturer face when setting out to define and meet sustainably targets.

We help companies providing education and training (sustainable supply chain, IAQ, EPDs, Environmental Marketing as AIA CEUs and GBCI CEs) as well as provide 3rd party certification or verification for any manufacturer or product.

We assess the sustainability of clients’ operations, facilities, products and suppliers to highlight opportunities for reduction or improvement across a company’s operations and supply chain.

The Future Build then leverages its partnerships with its partners to provide an end-to-end supply chain sustainability improvement solution that can take you from comprehensive assessment to reduction project implementation.