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Sustainability Manager

Sustainability Manager is a web based collaborative solution which should ideally be used by any or all stakeholders who are involved in defining and managing the implementation of a green building rating system for a building project for the elicitation, authoring and management of sustainability requirements and credits implemented by green building rating tools, such as LEED, BREEAM, Estidama and Green Star.

Specific functionality and work processes address the needs of the building and infrastructure design, construction and facility maintenance industries for management of the process of implementing a green building rating system submission for regulatory body approval.

The solution is configured to be flexible and can be adopted for any green building rating system. Preconfigured templates are available for the Estidama, LEED, BREEAM, Green Star and Green Mark building rating tools, with more being developed.

Sustainability Manager ensures the project sustainability objectives are achieved on time and within budget, thereby promoting the ready adoption of green building by all stakeholders in the lifecycle of the built environment.

SM would help to achieve IDP-R1: Integrated Development Strategy credit in Estidama by putting in place a software framework where all stakeholders could be kept informed of status. The “Implementation strategy for transitioning between project packages and project stages” which is a requirement of IDP-R1 could also be actioned under xDSM.


Web based central repository: for sustainability requirements, knowledge management and submittal documentation available 24/7 by all stakeholders

Management: of new and existing sustainability requirements with versioning, change management, tagging, searching, filtering, traceability

Collaboration: with integrated discussion boards, email change notification

Document management: for the copious documents comprising domain knowledge, project specific information and regulatory submittals

Enterprise: views tailored to suit stakeholders, dashboards

Measure: rate, measure and monitor the satisfaction of sustainability requirements (credits)

Domain knowledge: encapsulate in domain specific input and output templates

Integration: input and output to/from industry standard formats such as Word, Excel, XML

Reporting: to green building rating tool formats such as Estidama

Green Product Selection: Linkage to product databases such as “The Future Build” for integrated green/sustainable product selection


Team inclusion: all stakeholders in the process have up to date information

Accessibility: 24/7/365 access to all rating data and processes

Accountability: audit trail, time/date/user stamping of documentation revisions and minimized uncontrolled emailing

Improved Productivity: time and cost savings with no double handling of submittal documentation, reduced RFI’s, meetings and emailing

Accuracy: minimize transcription and processing related errors

Integration: directly supports the Integrated Design Process (IDP) required by most building rating tools

Regulatory Submittals: seamless outputs for regulatory checking to Estidama and LEED. Other tool output in development

Sustainability: eliminate paperwork and carbon footprint associated with inefficiencies

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